Low angle block plane with wood shavings

What is a Block Plane Used For?

In the vast arsenal of woodworking tools, the block plane holds a special place. This compact, hand-held tool, easily distinguishable by its small size and blade set at a low angle, might appear unassuming at first. However, its impact on woodworking is profound and has been so for centuries. At the crossroads of functionality and …

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Router table with wood on top

Do I Need a Router Table? 7 Reasons You Do!

A router is a powerful and versatile tool in woodworking. It’s used for hollowing out, shaping, trimming, and embellishing wood pieces. From furniture to architectural elements, its capabilities are truly impressive and offer endless possibilities for creative projects. It’s often one of the first tools that a woodworker purchases when setting up shop. But what …

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Odie's Oil Products

Odie’s Oil Review – Why It’s My Favorite Wood Finish

Have you ever tried finding a wood finish that isn’t packed with toxic chemicals? It’s not an easy task. And not to mention, you have to wear masks and gloves when applying these products. Well, I found a solution that I’m glad to share with you – Odie’s Oil. If you haven’t heard of it, …

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Measuring a plank of wood and marking with a pencil

Board Foot Calculator: Measure Lumber Volume Accurately

Our board foot calculator is an efficient tool that can be very helpful to woodworkers. This simple tool aids in accurately determining the quantity of lumber required for a woodworking project. A board foot is a standard unit of measure in the woodworking industry, accounting for the length, width, and thickness of lumber. It is …

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Walnut and cherry wood next to each other

Walnut vs Cherry Wood: Which Fits Your Style?

Walnut and Cherry wood, renowned for their aesthetic appeal and durability, are among the most sought-after materials in high-end furniture and home decor. These two types of wood have found their way into the hearts of designers and homeowners alike, contributing to their soaring popularity. Yet, when it comes to choosing between them for your …

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Purchasing lumber online - stack of rough cut lumber

Buying Lumber Online – Is It a Good Idea?

If you’re into woodworking or DIY projects, you know that finding the right wood can be a challenge, especially if you’re looking for specific types. Fortunately, buying lumber online can be a great solution to this problem. However, is it a good idea to purchase wood online without being able to examine the quality beforehand? …

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Raw walnut lumber stacked

Why Is Walnut So Popular?

If you are an avid DIY enthusiast or a woodworker, then you may have noticed an ever-increasing trend of walnut being the go-to wood for many DIY projects. From furniture to art pieces, walnut wood is making a splash in the DIY world. The beautiful grain patterns, durability, and unique color make it a popular …

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Man measuring wood with a tape measure

Is Woodworking a Good Hobby? Everything You Need to Know

Woodworking is a very popular hobby that many people enjoy in many different ways. Some do it for fun and as a way to relax while others do it to save money and create amazing pieces of art. No matter the reason, woodworking has many benefits and can be a wonderful hobby IF you have …

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Using gloves while woodworking

Should You Wear Gloves When Woodworking?

Woodworking is a fun hobby but can often leave your hands in pain with cuts and scrapes. Working with your bare hands is necessary much of the time but there may be times when wearing gloves can help avoid some of these inevitable problems along the way. Splinters, cuts, and dryness associated with woodworking are …

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