Scroll saw after cutting an intricate spider web

What is a Scroll Saw Used For? 10 Awesome Examples

From the ornate designs adorning vintage furniture to the detailed toys passed down through generations, the scroll saw’s influence in the realm of woodworking is undeniable. This unique tool has evolved as a result of our pursuit of perfection in craft. Early craftsmen relied on rudimentary versions of the scroll saw to achieve detailed designs …

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Spiral scroll saw blade cutting through wood

What Are Spiral Scroll Saw Blades Used For?

Spiral scroll saw blades are unique in the way they are designed and they have a specific purpose. Unlike most scroll saw blades that have teeth on one side, spiral blades have teeth arranged in a spiral pattern. This pattern runs throughout the entire length of the blade. Why is this and what are they …

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Jumping wood on scroll saw

6 Reasons Your Scroll Saw Jumps and How To Avoid It

A scroll saw is a simple tool and there isn’t a lot that can go wrong during usage. However, there are a few problems that can arise if proper precautions are not taken. Besides the occasional blade breakage, another common problem users experience is wood jumping while using the saw. This usually happens when the …

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Scroll Saw vs Laser Cutter

Scroll Saw vs Laser Cutter – Which Is Right for You?

A scroll saw and a laser cutter are both useful tools for cutting wood and other materials. However, there are quite a few differences and some might even say that the scroll saw is becoming obsolete. While it’s true that a laser cutter can provide more speed and accuracy, the scroll saw still has its …

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Scroll saw and coping saw side by side

Scroll Saw vs Coping Saw: What’s the Difference?

A scroll saw is a unique saw in what it can do but there are other saws that are similar in purpose. One of those is the coping saw and at first glance, the coping saw looks very similar to a scroll saw. However, there are some obvious differences and perhaps some non-obvious differences between …

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Scroll saw blade going off line

Why Your Scroll Saw Won’t Cut Straight And How To Fix it

When I purchased my first scroll saw many years ago, I fell in love with it immediately. I would spend hours upon hours in front of it cutting out small decorative pieces. I looked all over the place for reasons to use the saw more and more. The scroll saw suited me perfectly and became …

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Broken blade on a scroll saw

7 Reasons Your Scroll Saw Blade Keeps Breaking

A scroll saw has a small, thin blade and it’s common for this blade to break during use. There are ways to avoid it but even the most experienced scroll saw users break blades occasionally. There are some common reasons for this that I’ll point out in this article. In addition, I’ll give some examples …

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Cutting out a scroll saw pattern on a 2x4

Can a Scroll Saw Cut 2×4?

Scroll saws are generally used to cut patterns out of thinner woods. For the types of patterns and projects that you may find yourself working on with a scroll saw, 1/4″ or 1/2″ wood usually makes the best option. However, there may be times when you need to cut something out of a 2×4 or …

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Scroll saw with earmuffs and earplugs nearby

Is a Scroll Saw Loud? The Answer Might Surprise You!

A scroll saw is a power tool that cuts wood, plastic, and metal. It operates by using a thin blade to cut detailed shapes out of the workpiece. These saws are a great addition to a workshop if the person likes to create small crafts that require patient, time-consuming, detailed cuts. Many projects on the …

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Scroll sawing an ornamental pattern out of wood

Is a Scroll Saw Worth It? 4 Reasons You Might Need One

A scroll saw is a unique tool that has a very specific purpose. Because of this, it’s often a saw that is excluded from the normal workshop since it doesn’t have a purpose in standard woodworking. It only comes in handy for those who create detailed woodworking pieces and need a saw that can make …

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