8 Reasons Why DIY Is Better

Homeowner working on plumbing drain

Do-it-yourself projects can be challenging but also very rewarding. Rather than simply purchasing ready-made products or hiring a job out to the professionals, people often prefer to do it themselves. This is for many different …

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Why Do People Put Carpets In Their Homes?

Home interior with carpet

Carpet is among one of the most popular floor coverings. Many people choose to put this throughout their entire house often, with the exception of the kitchen. While this type of flooring can be good …

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Are Tool Belts Bad For Your Back?

Tool belt full of tools

A tool belt can be a huge help for those of us involved in carpentry, DIY projects, or other work that requires more than a handful of tools. It makes it much easier to carry …

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Trigger Clamp DIY Storage Rack

Trigger clamp storage rack before and after

I’m a big fan of trigger clamps and use them often. At any given time, my garage and workshop will look cluttered with clamps lying around. I may have used them on various projects but …

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DIY Belt Hanger For Closet

Closet belt hanger with belts hanging on it

When we first purchased our house, the master bedroom closet had one double hook mounted to the drywall. We commenced to hanging items on it like belts, purses, hats, and whatever else would fit on …

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How Hot Does a Shed Get in the Summer?

Garden shed with window

A shed can get extremely hot inside during the warmer temperatures of the summer months. Since sheds are usually just buildings that are uninsulated and have little airflow inside, they can heat up quickly throughout …

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Why Are Outlets Upside Down?

Electrical outlet installed upside down

When I first moved into my current home, I quickly noticed that all of the outlets were opposite of what I had been used to in the past. Rather than the ground hole being on …

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