Hanging wrenches on French cleat system

French Cleat Wrench Holder – A Simple DIY Solution

A wrench organizer is one of the easiest French cleat organizers to make. Since combination wrenches have a box-end and an open-end, it’s easy to build something that they can simply hang from. The box-end side of the wrench makes the perfect place for hanging from hooks or pegs. If you are seeking a simple …

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French cleat and pegboard side by side

French Cleat vs Pegboard – Why French Cleats are Better

If you are trying to decide between a French cleat system or pegboard, I completely understand! I was in the same boat for a while and did my homework on each solution in order to come to a conclusion. I have used pegboard most of my life but never really liked it. I have found …

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Pine french cleats

Can I Use Pine For French Cleats? Let’s Find Out

A French cleat system allows you to organize your tools on the wall in a sturdy and attractive way. It’s a great alternative to other solutions such as pegboard or a slat wall system. However, the wood you use may make a difference in the overall sturdiness and longevity of the system. What about pine? …

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Pegboard with tools hanging on it

Can Pegboard Get Wet?

Pegboard is a great way to organize tools and other items in various workspaces. Some variation of pegboard is almost considered a must-have in workshops, garages, and sheds but there may be some drawbacks to using it. Depending on the type of pegboard you are using, it may not do so well under various conditions. …

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Holes in a sheet of pegboard

How Many Holes in a 4×8 Sheet of Pegboard?

Pegboard is one of the best options for organizing tools in garages, workshops, offices, and all kinds of other spaces. It has many benefits but also many drawbacks that I’ll discuss in this article. I have a love-hate relationship with it but continue to use it as one of my go-to organizing options in my …

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