Laser Cut Jack-O’-Lantern Templates

Welcome to our collection of laser cut jack-o’-Lantern templates! jack-o’-Lanterns and pumpkins are quintessential symbols of Halloween, casting a warm, flickering glow through intricately carved faces. These designs come to life even more when crafted through the precision of laser cutting.

Here, we offer a variety of downloadable templates to help you create your own unique pumpkin decor for the spooky season. Simply download the entire package of patterns, cut them out with your laser cutter, and finish them in any way that suits your Halloween vibe. With our templates, transforming a humble pumpkin into a captivating Halloween staple has never been easier or more enjoyable!

Downloadable laser cut jack-o-lantern templates

While carving pumpkins can be a fun tradition, our laser cut templates allow you to create cute alternatives that can be used year after year. You can create customizable, reusable decor that captures the spirit of the season in a lasting way.

For the low price of only $4, you can download our entire collection of pumpkin templates! This pocket-friendly deal not only gives you instant access to a variety of unique designs but allows you to download them immediately after purchase. With our collection at your fingertips, you’re all set to laser cut your way into the Halloween spirit.

All you need is a laser cutter or another method to cut them. Since they are SVG files, you’ll be able to scale them and utilize them in various ways including a scroll saw, or a digital cutting machine. You’ll get everything you need in one zip file that you can download immediately after purchase.


Here’s What You’ll Get

NOTE: you’ll receive digital files only. The product views below are sample cutouts of each file in the package.

You’ll receive the following file types:

  • SVG
  • XCS (for Xtool Creative Space users)
  • DXF
  • PNG

With these files, you’ll be able to create the following:

4 – Two Layer Jack-O’-Lantern templates

multi-layered jack-o-lantern template samples

4 – Two Layer standard pumpkin templates

multi-layered pumpkin template samples

10 – One Layer Jack-O’-Lantern templates

Preview of single layer templates

Let’s look further at what you’ll get and what you can expect the finished pumpkins to look like.

Multi-Layered Jack-O’-Lanterns

Our multi-layered templates add an extra dimension to your Halloween decor, creating a cool effect. The design is made up of two distinct layers which when assembled, offer a richer, more intricate aesthetic than typical single-layer designs.

Before and after view

The base or back layer forms a solid silhouette of the pumpkin, establishing the overall form and lending a background against which the front layer can stand out. The front layer, in contrast, provides the distinctive face of the jack-o’-Lantern. This layered approach allows the depth and complexity of the pumpkin to show, truly bringing your jack-o’-Lantern to life.

Multi-Layered Pumpkins

Our Multi-layered Pumpkin templates provide a charming alternative for those seeking a less spooky, more autumnal aesthetic. Like our jack-o’-Lantern designs, these templates are also created from two distinct layers, but without facial features. The top layer outlines the shape of the pumpkin, while the base layer forms a solid silhouette.

Finished pumpkins leaned against house

When assembled, they create a two-layered pumpkin sculpture that beautifully complements the season’s vibrant hues and crisp air. These faceless pumpkin designs are perfect for creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere around your home, and pair wonderfully with their jack-o’-Lantern counterparts for a balanced Halloween display.

Cutting and Assembling Your Multi-Layered Templates

Two layer templates cut out of wood

Each template in our collection is designed to be cut out on any laser machine or even a scroll saw. The process is straightforward: simply cut the back and front portion of each template using your preferred tool. Once this step is complete, you can finish the template pieces as you wish, using paint, varnish, or any other finishing material that matches your Halloween aesthetic.

Finally, assemble these pieces by attaching the front layer to the back. This can be easily achieved using a strong adhesive or glue.

Upon completion, they can be displayed in a variety of ways. Lean them against other items to create an attractive, seasonally-themed vignette. Alternatively, consider hanging them in your windows or attaching them to wreaths, gift baskets, or other items to add more depth to your decor.

Simple Jack-O’-Lantern Templates

For those seeking simpler designs or for a more beginner-friendly approach, our single-layered jack-o’-Lantern templates make an excellent choice. These templates feature an array of classic and creative pumpkin faces that are all cut from a single piece of material, thereby reducing the complexity of the assembly process.

Single layer templates cut out of wood

Despite the simplicity, these designs are far from ordinary. Each one has been meticulously designed to portray a distinct personality or emotion. From spooky to silly, there’s something to suit every Halloween theme.

Choose the ones that suit your needs or mix and match them all for a multi-faceted display.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a laser cutting newbie, these single-layered designs provide a fun and accessible way to add depth to your Halloween decor. With the ease of cutting and finishing, you’ll have your unique jack-o’-Lantern ready in no time. These templates work great for keeping the kids entertained while stimulating their imagination and creativity.

Cutting and Displaying Your Simple Templates

These simple templates consist of a single layer of material featuring a pumpkin design cutout. They are compatible with laser cutters or any other cutting machine of your preference. Since these templates are vector files, you have the flexibility to resize them to your liking. Make them as petite or as gigantic as you wish!

Just like the multi-layered templates from above, these offer boundless possibilities for display, enabling you to enrich your existing Halloween setup uniquely. Lean them against other seasonal items, or hang them on wreaths for an eye-catching centerpiece.

The walls of your home can serve as a canvas for your creativity, showcasing these designs as pieces of Halloween wall art. Your front door can also get a Halloween makeover by mounting a pumpkin template as a welcome sign.

Even the less traditional areas of your home can become a stage for Halloween fun. Consider hanging these templates from doorways to create an atmospheric entrance to a room or from the ceilings to achieve a floating pumpkin effect.

The versatility of these templates empowers you to curate a Halloween decor scheme that reflects your style and spirit. From simple placements to more innovative displays, these templates are not just decorations, but tools to inspire, create, and transform your space for the Halloween season.

Tips for Getting Great Results

While our templates make creating stunning pumpkin decorations from our templates straightforward, here are a few additional tips to ensure you get the best possible results:

  1. Choice of Material: Always choose high-quality plywood or your preferred material for cutting. The better the quality, the smoother the cut and the more professional the end result.
  2. Finishing: Don’t skimp on finishing. After cutting your pieces out, consider sanding the edges for a smoother and more rustic look. Adding a layer of paint or varnish can also drastically enhance the look of your pumpkin decoration.
  3. Attention to Detail: When assembling, align the layers carefully to ensure the design comes out as intended. Even a small misalignment can skew the final look.
  4. Mix and Match: Don’t be afraid to mix and match designs and sizes. The more variety you add, the richer and more interesting your Halloween display will be.
  5. Experiment with Light: If you’re using your decorations for display, consider experimenting with light. Placing a light source behind or below your pumpkin can cast interesting shadows and give your display a spooky touch.

The most important tip is to have fun with your project. The process of creating should be as enjoyable as seeing the final result. Good luck!

Final Thoughts

As we wrap up, it’s important to remember that the magic of Halloween resides in the creativity and individuality you bring to your decorations. Our diverse collection of templates is designed to offer a foundation upon which you can build your unique Halloween aesthetic.

Whether you prefer the intricate and stunning two-layered designs or the simplicity and charm of the single-layered ones, you’re free to make them your own.

With these templates, you have the tools to create unforgettable Halloween decorations – whether you’re aiming for a spooky display or a more subtle, autumnal vibe that warmly welcomes the season. Rather than carving pumpkins, these templates will help you create a Halloween atmosphere that can be used year after year.

Don’t forget that these templates are not just for Halloween; their autumnal vibe fits perfectly into the backdrop of the entire fall season. So, go ahead, get your laser cutter ready, and dive into a world of creativity and festive cheer.

Enjoy the process, have fun, and most importantly, make this Halloween uniquely yours. After all, Christmas is right around the corner so enjoy the spooky season while you can!

Happy Halloween!