Dewalt random orbital sander dust collection

Dewalt Random Orbital Sander DIY Dust Collection

Dust collection is an important part of woodworking, especially if it involves sanding. Sanding can create a mess of fine dust all over your workshop. It’s best to avoid this as best you can and collect the dust while you work. Not only is it bad for your lungs but it also creates more to …

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Small decorative bench on front porch

Small DIY Decorative Outdoor Bench

This small decorative bench is designed for small spaces. If you have a small porch lacking room for a full-sized bench, this small one will add a decorative touch and give you a place to sit seasonal or festive items throughout the year. It’s super simple to build and cheap with only requiring 2×4 lumber …

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Air compressor on cart airing up tire

DIY Air Compressor Cart

A small, portable air compressor can be an awkward piece of equipment if left on its own with no cart or wheels to make it easy to roll around. I battled with my air compressor for years and picked it up and carried it wherever I needed it even though the weight of it made …

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DeWalt blower hanging on mount

Dewalt 20v Blower Wall Mount – Simple DIY Solution

I recently purchased a DeWalt 20V MAX cordless blower and found myself not knowing how to neatly hang it out of the way. It was just sitting on my garage floor so I decided it was time to build a simple solution to take care of it. These types of garden tools are sometimes a …

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Kindle with custom DIY book cover made from old book

DIY Kindle Case Using an Old Book

It’s easy enough to find a case for your Kindle but if you want one that is uniquely made, feels, and looks great, this DIY book cover may be just what you need! It’s simple but that means it’s easy to make and there are unlimited options for you to choose from. Any old book …

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Homeowner working on plumbing drain

8 Reasons Why DIY Is Better

Do-it-yourself projects can be challenging but also very rewarding. Rather than simply purchasing ready-made products or hiring a job out to the professionals, people often prefer to do it themselves. This is for many different reasons. Some do it to save money while others do it because they simply like the challenge of fixing something …

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Trigger clamp storage rack before and after

Trigger Clamp DIY Storage Rack

I’m a big fan of trigger clamps and use them often. At any given time, my garage and workshop will look cluttered with clamps lying around. I may have used them on various projects but not put them up after use. It tends to become messy because I’ve never had a great place to store …

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Closet belt hanger with belts hanging on it

DIY Belt Hanger For Closet

When we first purchased our house, the master bedroom closet had one double hook mounted to the drywall. We commenced to hanging items on it like belts, purses, hats, and whatever else would fit on it. It wasn’t a great solution but not something I gave much thought to. However, the hook has gradually worked …

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Hiding modem and router before and after

Hiding Modem And Router – DIY Storage Cabinet

Modems, routers, and other small electronic items are a necessity in today’s world. However, these items often create an unsightly mess in an area with wires running all over the place. If your equipment happens to be in a visible area, it can make for a sore spot in the room and leave you scratching …

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