8 Reasons Why DIY Is Better

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Do-it-yourself projects can be challenging but also very rewarding. Rather than simply purchasing ready-made products or hiring a job out to the professionals, people often prefer to do it themselves. This is for many different reasons. Some do it to save money while others do it because they simply like the challenge of fixing something or making something work from scratch with their own two hands.

DIY is better because it allows you to create something using your creativity while learning new skills in the process. Tackling a project yourself will give you satisfaction over simply purchasing something or paying someone else to do it for you. The end result will be more satisfying and meaningful.

Homeowner working on plumbing drain

In addition, it can also save you lots of money which is a big reason why many people go this route.

Some of the earliest memories of my life include working on DIY projects with my dad. It was during these times that a stronger father-son bond was built and lots of fun times were had. It was a time for us to spend together while we did something that we could both enjoy together, laughing and learning life lessons along the way.

As I grew up and started adulting, my interest in DIY only got stronger and stronger. Each time that I work on a project in my workshop or around the house I think back to the “good ole days” and often utilize some of the advice my dad had shared with me years ago. He was a crafter and someone who liked to take projects on with his own bare hands rather than just go out and purchase something.

There are many reasons that one might lean towards tackling DIY projects but for my family, it was all about the fun of it along with the money-saving benefits that it offered. Let’s look at a few other reasons why DIY may be the better choice.

1. It Saves Money

Doing things yourself can save you money compared to the alternative of hiring someone else to do the same thing or buying a product already designed to do what you want to do. An example of this would be a piece of furniture that you need for your home. You can easily go out and purchase an item like this but the DIY person may choose to create it from scratch on their own or refurbish an older piece found at a flea market or yard sale.

You’ll pay a minimal price for the supplies and all you’ll need is time to build or refurbish the perfect piece for your living space.

If you have a leaky toilet, you could easily call a plumber and have them come out to your house, pay them a fee which could be in the hundreds and your toilet will be fixed. However, a leaky toilet is often an easy and cheap fix as I have fixed these many times over the years in my home.

It often only requires a new flapper or possibly the entire toilet fill valve. Both of which are minimally priced. Projects like this may only take you an hour or less to fix yourself. In the end, what may have cost you over $100 with a licensed plumber will cost you less than $20 to do it yourself.

If you are into saving money and have the time to do projects yourself, you can save a lot of money by tackling fixes like this around your house. You may also choose to build items that serve purposes and fix typical day today problems rather than seeking out something to purchase in order to do so.

2. It’s Fun

While often challenging, DIY projects can be a lot of fun. This is especially true if the project isn’t so difficult. Doing a project with another person who you enjoy working with adds even more fun into the mix. As mentioned earlier, I used to thoroughly enjoy working on do-it-yourself projects with my dad when I was a kid. I was usually the tool holder and runner while my dad did most of the work. All the while, we would be joking and having fun in the process.

Recently my wife and I re-sealed our privacy fence and had a fun time doing it. Although it was a lot of work, we enjoyed the process because it allowed us to spend time together and enjoy talking, laughing, and sharing an experience in which we accomplished something over the course of a weekend.

3. It’s Satisfying

Completing a project with your own hands and not having to call in an expert or purchase some kind of pre-made furniture product, is very satisfying. While the process can be fun and often challenging, it is very rewarding to see the end result of something you are building or fixing and know that you did this all yourself.

As an example, if you were to settle on a piece of furniture that you need for a specific area, you might choose to buy one already pre-made that will fit the bill. However, building one of your own with the exact dimensions and look that you desire will offer you a finished product that you can take pride in.

There is much satisfaction in knowing that you took on the challenge yourself and are you accomplished the build or fix and will enjoy it for years to come. It has more meaning and is probably even better built than something that you would buy off-the-shelf.

4. It’s Educational

Do-it-yourself projects require a lot of research, trial and error, elbow grease, and patience to complete. All of these things combined provide you with an educational experience that you wouldn’t otherwise get. Enough of these types of educational experiences will produce quite an expert and you’ll be fixing things or looking for the opportunity to fix any and everything that you can find.

Once you have the knowledge, skills, and tools required, you will find it fun to tackle challenges and create fixes and solutions that you might not even be able to buy or find on the market.

I created my modem and router cabinet as a fun little project and an easy way to hide all of my unsightly cords and electronics. I wasn’t able to find anything like this on the market so was able to do it myself.

5. You Will Know How It’s Done From The Ground Up

When you do something yourself, you know exactly what has gone into the project and how it was built or fixed. Any future fixes or upgrades will be easier knowing how everything works and is put together. All of the things that I have built, I know exactly how they were put together, and if something is out of whack, I usually know what to do to fix it.

I recently converted a cargo van into a camper van. It was completely custom built by me and all systems were done with my two hands. If anything goes wrong during my travels, I know exactly where to look and how everything is pieced together. I don’t have to wonder how a manufacturer did it and try to sort out issues caused by someone else’s handiwork.

6. It Can Solve a Unique Problem

Solving unique problems is one of the reasons I love to take on DIY challenges. There are many times when I need a solution that I simply can’t find in the marketplace. When I think of a unique problem that needs solving around my house, I know that I can probably sketch out a plan and figure out a way to solve the problem myself.

As an example, I looked for a while to find a modem and router box that would hide my electronics in my office. It was getting out of control with wires everywhere and electronic boxes sitting on the floor. It became an unsightly mess and I was destined to get it taken care of. However, the only thing I could find on the market didn’t suit me and wouldn’t look good in the area that I chose to keep all of these electronic devices.

I chose to create my own solution specifically designed to house the items that I had. It was custom built for me and it solved the problem exactly as needed.

There are many times that something like this can be done. Each person is different and each living situation is different so cookie-cutter products may not solve your problem perfectly. Doing it yourself allows you to create it exactly the way you need it so that it will ultimately solve the unique issue that you are facing.

7. The End Result Will Be Higher Quality

When you do something yourself, chances are that you are going to put more thought into it. With this thought comes higher quality engineering and assembly. A lot of products that you purchase are of subpar quality that only look good on the outside. The low-quality parts will degrade over time and the assembly may leave you wishing for something better.

When you do something yourself, you tend to put more quality into the project. When all is said and done, the end result will likely be of a higher quality than what you would have gotten otherwise.

When you do a simple chore or fix around your house, chances are that you will fix it with more care than a hired hand who doesn’t care as much about your specific problem. Fixing things yourself can give you peace of mind knowing it was a job well done as long as you have done it correctly. You’ll end up with a finished job that you can be proud of.

8. It Allows For Quality Family Time

A good way to spend quality time with a significant other or other family member is to work on a DIY project together. There might be some butting heads along the way but it provides a perfect opportunity to make some great memories. As mentioned earlier, my wife and I sealed our fence recently and this was a fun project. Although it was hard work, we made lighter work of it by engaging in conversation, and laughter.

If you are a parent with a child, DIY projects are a great way to learn and grow with your child. While enjoying all the other benefits mentioned above, you’ll be able to bond more closely with your child while spending time with them laughing, learning, and inspiring them to continue the trend as they age.

A good project to involve your children in is to build a musical instrument together. I recently built my own custom ukulele and this would be a perfect type of project if you have a child. This would be a treasured possession a child can have throughout their life with memories in knowing that it was created with their parents. It doesn’t have to be a musical instrument but anything that and be held onto as an heirloom over the years.


As you can see, doing things yourself has more benefits than simply saving money. While you can definitely save a lot of money on certain types of projects, the numerous other benefits will make the experience worth remembering. You’ll get to the end of the project with more money in your pocket, more memories to cherish, and a learning experience that can be useful in the future.

Do-it-yourself projects can be done by anyone in nearly any living situation. Whether you live in a house that you own or rent an apartment, there is something that you can do yourself that will solve a problem or create a better solution than what you currently have. It doesn’t need to be a super challenging type of project like building a shed or creating a difficult piece of furniture.

Instead, DIY encompasses anything that can be done that you do yourself with your own hands. It could be a simple bookmark that you make or a birthday card that you create from scratch for someone. Whatever the case, DIY offers many benefits that can be good for you and all of the people involved.